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About Us

The Optometrist is a dynamic, professional optometrist group, focusing on eye health and eye care.  Our stores have great equipment, high-quality lenses and a diverse range of frames.  Our optometrists have a passion for eye care and provide a high-quality service and best optics to the public.  We have a strong brand, with unique and upmarket shopfittings and supply top quality frames with personalized optical lenses.

Our first branch opened in 2009. The rest of our practices quickly followed suit thereafter.

Our newest store opened in Brooklyn Mall in December 2017.

In all our years of trading, and our expertise acquired during these years, our staff members have also acquired the skill to provide a professional service that adheres to our high standards.  We are always striving to expand our brand through constant exposure and good service!

Optometry is a diverse and ever-growing field with many possibilities.  We want all our patients to become part of the ever-changing world in optometry/optics and to join hands with our dynamic group that has a solid foundation, forward-thinking, and innovation!

The Optometrist strives to become the leader in unsurpassed style and quality eye care and eyewear. Our mission is to inspire and invite our patient’s to look towards innovative and exciting solutions to their eye care needs.

Our vision is to provide the best possible eye care not only shop care!